FidPark Systems     License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR)
System FidPark-ANPR
Parking control system FidPark-ANPR with Automatic Number Plate Recognition uses special video cameras on entrance and exits.  This technology may be used used either in addition to other means of identification (RFID, bar-code, etc.), or just instead of them. ANPR option sufficiently expands FidPark features and makes the system more user-friendly. ANPR based systems don't need vehicle sensors (loops) and entrance-exit terminals, that reduce the initial costs and problems.
Meanwhile we developed many specific options for public paid parkings where only ANPR is used, because the clients need to know their status when enter the parking and before leaving it..
ANPR as an additional feature
If ANPR option is used in addition to "traditional IDs", FidPark parking control system will get following features:
  • If a single-entrance customer paid for the parking using a barcode ticket, FidPark may recognise the LPN and open the exit barrier in "hands-free" mode, excluding  rear cases of recognition problems when it will be necessary to scan the ticket on exit.
  • The parking administrator may easily identify the entrance date/time of vehicle with given LPN, and calculate the real parking fee. This solves problems with clients, that declare  lost entrance ticket on long-term parkings.
  • Comparing of car LPNs on entrance and exit avoids leaving the parking on a car with another number, e.g. stealing cars from parking.
  • The clients with several cars on one subscription may register in FidPark all car LPNs.
  • ANPR-cameras between the parking zones of multizone parking allow to calculate the parking fees for real stay in each zone without any interzone terminals and barriers, For example, at multi-floor parking lots this feature with lower parking tariffs may stimulate the drivers to park their cars on the "far" floors.
  • Registered customers with mobile payments linked to their LPN can use the parking without walking to the cashier or cash machine. The parking fee will be charged automatically from the client’s mobile account.
  • The clients may book the parking on their smartphones and just enter the LPN instead of receiving and using a bar-coded event ticket.
ANPR only - occasional clients
Special attention in FidPark-ANPR was devoted to make the payment process user-friendly, even in case if one or few LPN characters were wrongly recognised. Otherwise this operation may become time-consuming and stressfull, especially for clients that did not use the touchscreen before. In automatic-cashier unit the client simply have to enter few LPN digits, then to select his car from list with car images and to pay for parking. A similar procedure is implemented also in the cashier program.

Special displays on etrance and exit are showing the recognised LPN along with the vehicle status and the reason of not allowing the car to enter or exit the parking. This reduces potential congestions.
ANPR for subscription clients

system with ANPR as the only identification technology is best suited for non-public parkings and becomes more popular as the prices on cameras becomes lower. 

Here are the improved features of FidPark-ANPR only in addition to the list above : 
  • Eliminating of bar-coded paper tickets reduces costs of support & maintenance;
  • Full hands-free operation for the clients, no tickets and cards;
  • No antipassback problem of using one pass by several cars;
  • Registered customers with the account linked to their LPN can use the parking without spending time on payment. The parking fee will be charged automatically on exit;
  • The clients may book the parking via WEB just entering car LPN;
  • In case of parking without barriers, it is possible to arrange automatic registration of entrance & exit times (also between zones), and generate appropriate reports/invoices to charge the customers.