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Automatic entrance ticket control systems provide "selfservice" for visiting the events. Those systems reduce the expenses on human attendants. 

Mobile terminals of attendants and turnstiles with built-in 1D- or 2D-barcode & RFID readers are used in these systems as actuators. The system must provide:
  • a permanent connection to the ticketing server;
  • to guarantee the passage through the turnstile even if a person just bought a ticket;
  • to prevent double entrance with a copy of the ticket/ID via same or any other checkpoint.
FidPark-Ticket is an access control system using tickets sold in advance. Tickets can have 1D- or 2D-bar code printed on paper or represented on mobile phone screen. Control is provided by high speed turnstiles with integrated readers. Since more and more tickets are being sold via Internet, this system allows to finalize self serving for public, so that tickets are sold automatically and admission to the event is done automatically as well.
Our solution is based on data replicators that are receiving information about sold tickets from ticket sales servers. The turnstiles & mobile terminals are connected online via Cable, WiFi or 3G. Such architecture guarantees that all ticket owners will pass turnstiles with just bought tickets, and eliminates possibility to pass different turnstiles with the same ticket/UID.

Up to 64 turnstiles may be connected to each computer-replicator; the computers may be used also as Point of Sale.

Apart of bar code scanners, the turnstiles may be equipped also with RFID readers to enter/leave using staff passes and to validate subscription customers.

Portable terminals validators can be used for VIP customers, they also have integrated bar code scanner and can connect to replicators via wireless or mobile network. That way it is also possible to check and register entrance tickets.

FidPark-Ticket can also be used on premises where people are charged for the time spent rather than for event, like spa centers, fitness or golf clubs. In this case the ticket allows spending, for example, up to 2 hrs in the premises, otherwise the ticket owner should have to pay extra before leaving.

This solution can be used also in car parks, where event entry ticket is used also as prepaid pass to car parking. The driver don't need to stay in queue and pay for parking after the event.