Devices & Software
 FidPark systems consists of the following main components:
  • access control equipment (barriers, turnstiles and etc.)
  • accounting system (automatic cashiers and operator workplaces) with clients accounts
  • managing server with a possibility of integration with IT-system of an enterprise
  • administrator workplace, which allows to set flexible tariffs
  • guardian-operator workplace with a possibility of real-time control and management, it ensures quick problem solvings with the clients
  • VOIP-system for contacting with the clients
  • WEB-applications for providing discounts to the clients for tenant's costs
  • Additional specific elements for a particular business (e.g. - wristbands dispenser for swimming-pools at the entrances and wristband capturers at the exits, automatic RFID-lockers)
  • Generating of system reports of all clients and services
  • Replicator which ensurers remote management of several installations in real time.
Differend kinds of technical solutions can be used in the systems depending on projects specifics and customer's preferences - 2D barcodes, contactless identificators with 2-3 cm to 10 m reading ranges, automatic vehicle number plates recognitions, identification by mobile phone number, other solutions.
 The following workplaces software is used to manage the system on behalf of staff and administration:
  • FP-Admin - work place to administrate the system, including setting rates, creating and managing subcsription tickets, service passes, generating reports.
  • FP-Cashier- workplace of cashier-operator who accepts payments, sells tickets and goods, solves problems with customers.
  • FP-Guard- workplace of guard to display the current status of all system nodes and to resolve problems with customers. Typically used in conjunction with VOIP Telephony.
  • FP-Discount-option that allows registered users (for example, tenants) either to discount tickets or to provide a discount for services (such as pay-for-parking) for their clents via WEB.