FidPark Systems     Pool-spa, sport & leisure center control systems
Fidpark system software is intended for control and register access to multifunctional venues, where turnstiles and barriers are used between difeerent zones or without them, that is, only with ID registration and accounting.

In multistorey car parks can be levels with different tariffs and control of the duration of the presence of vehicles on each floor with registration of license plates between zones. On the territory of swimming pools and sports complexes, zones can be an information center, changing rooms, swimming pools, recreation areas, gyms, parking lots. In the recreation complex - parking lots, attractions, cinemas or gyms. Each visitor can be issued several passes, for example: RFID bracelet, barcode card, car registration number.
Each access controlled zone is associated with the appropriate services. When a client crosses controlpoints between two zones with his pass, the system checks his right to leave the first zone (for example, whether the services received in this zone have been paid for) as well as the right to enter the second zone (for example, whether the services in this zone are paid or will be paid after). If access is allowed, the services in the first zone end or are suspended, in the second zone - start or resume.

The system allows you to keep track of the time each client has spent in each area and, for example, not to the time the client spent in the locker room before and after using the pool, or had a coffee at the information center. Another example - cars parked in multi-storey car parks in several areas.

FidPark allows to sell to clients one-time passes/tickets and subscriptions with service packages (for example, pool and gym), expiration date (for example, month), length of visit (for example, up to two hours) and number of visits (for example, no more than than 30 times a month and 2 times a day). As such facilities require relatively large human resources for customer service, in particular the sale of service packages (adults, children, families, the disabled and their accompanying persons, as well as the payment/supplement for standard and additional services), FidPark greatly facilitates these procedures and, in accordance with the business policy, allows to complete the service packages, reservations and payments of services using paystations and Internet shops, which can significantly speed up customer service processes.

Several components and options can be integrated into the system according to the customer's business:
•    Management and control of client lockers
•    Return of client's contactless wristbands
•    Option for clients to choose the service themselves, if several can be received in the area
•    Sale of goods manually or through Vending equipment, linking it to the client's account
•    Wall or floor information terminals
•    Information board next to the license plate number recognition cameras
•    Empty space board with the option to use for advertising and other information
•    Paystations for cash and bank cards
•    Cashier-operator workstations
•    Employee mobile workstations with web-interface
•    Employee access control and working time tracking
•    Report generating and sending to e-mail
•    Data import-export, integration with the customer's accounting systems

FidPark can also be effectively used to manage employee access and technological processes in production companies where products are received or issued (entry, weighing, loading-unloading, re-weighing, document processing, departure). For example, the car will not be released if the required sequence was not met (for example, the car was not weighed after unloading).