FidPark Systems
FidPark is a universal system for objects where it is necessary to provide access control and records of the use of services and resources. FidPark features:
  • Customer registration and accounting. The customer can have several identifiers, he can pay for the received services and goods in different areas of the object
  • Access control and customer residence time accounting and control of various services
  • Flexible tariff plan system
  • Prepaid and postpaid options (cash payments, credit cards, mobile payments, Direct Debit and others).
  • System resilience to failures, effective remote support and prompt problem resolution via the Internet.
  • Report generation in manual and automatic mode, integration with external accounting systems.
FidPark is used effectively in parking lots, swimming pools, cash collection, access control and working time accounting. Multi-service control options provided in many zones (MultiZone and MultiService). At each control point between the zones (turnstile or barrier), not only access control can be provided, but also the start, stop, pause and resumption of services in accordance with the customer's contracts.

The system includes the following components:
  • executive equipment (barriers, turnstiles, etc.);
  • payment equipment (automatic cash registers and cashier's workplace);
  • management server integrated in the company's IT system;
  • the administrator's workplace, which includes flexible tariff setting;
  • operator - guard workplace;
  • VOIP-system for customer communication with operators;
  • WEB-applications for discount offers;
  • additional elements for the specific business (eg, in the pool - the device for receiving wristbands, automated lockers);
  • report generation system.
The system allows flexible adjustment of business processes (for example, to provide automatic control of freight transport to the administrator of the production company).