Features     Client Identification
FidPark supports various contactless technologies of clients identification:
  • Contactless tags (cards, keyfobs, wristbands, etc.) with up to 10 cm reading distance        (125 Khz, 13,56 Mhz, ISO / IEC 14443a/b)
  • Contactless tags (cards, keyfobs) with of up to 1 m reading distance (ISO/IEC 15693)
  • Contactless tags with up to 10 m reading distance (UHF)
  • NFC-cards or mobile phones with a reading distance of 2-3 cm
  • 2D barcodes on single-time tickets or smartphone screen
  • Car license plates
  • IMEI-number or phone number of the mobile phone (smartphone)
  • Fingerprints and other bio-identification methods
Different technical solutions may be used in the systems in accordance with the objects peculiarities and the customer requirements. Client may own few identifiers (e.g. card and wristband).

Information about the customers and events is stored in the FidPark database only, ensuring high security level of the customer's data at a reasonable cost, since only the unique identifier is read by the system. High endurability is implemented by usage of the processors in each unit (terminal).
FidPark-Phone parking control system uses the customer's mobile phone number as his identification. For entry and exit to the parking area the driver needs to drive to the barrier(s) and to dial a phone number (which can be written e.g. on the boom). The server resets the connection immediately after it recognizes the incoming number, therefore such call is free of charge for the client. If the owner of this phone number has access to entry (exit) - the gate or barrier opens, otherwise he/she will receive an SMS with the reason for the access denying. 
The system is designed for non-public parkings of office buildings, condominiums, where entrance is allowed only to regular customers (tenants, residents) or their visitors by prior arrangement. FidPark-Phone doesn't require any entrance and exit terminals. The functionality of FidPark is preserved, including group passes, time zones, protection of multiple-entry (antipassback).
The system can be managed via WEB-interface, using any Internet browser. Tenants' managers have the opportunity to manage the lists of phone numbers within an allocated quota (number of places, time zones), as well as to register visitors by entering their mobile phone numbers and times of their visits.  

FidPark-Phone parking control system can be used also at paid parkings for long-term customers.