Features     Discounters
FidPark allows to cancel single-time tickets (via WEB), i.e., it allows the owners of these tickets to exit without payment. For example, this opportunity can be useful for office building tenants. They can allow to their visitors or employees to use the parking free of charge, paying the costs by themselves.

Cancellation of the tickets can be performed by the authorized users the list of which is created by the administrator providing them with role "Discounter operator" (see below). The user name has to match to the tenant company name.

They can enter the IP-address of the FidPark server or its domain name in any web-browser (e.g., Chrome or FireFox), then to enter the user name and password. IP-address of the FidPark server (port 80) has to be accessible to all tenants through the firewall.

The ticket number can be either entered manually or using a barcode scanner, then confirming the cancellation. Canceling the client's ticket, the user can see entrance time, duration of parking and the cost.

Ticket cancellation or
granting discounts events are recorded in the system event log which contains complete information about how, when and which users provided the discounts and to which amount. The administrator can create a report of canceled tickets (for example, of the last month) with the information about total cancelled amount which was cancelled by each tenant's user. This report can be used for calculation of parking cost fee amounts with the tenants.