Hardware & Software     Paystations & Cash collector
The cash machines of FidPark system provides possibilities to pay for the services received, to replenish deposit or to purchase a subscription ticket or to receive other information. 

Type, configuration and price of the cash machines depends on the method of payment (coins, banknotes, bank cards), as well as on functionality requirements and security level of the machine.

All events are registered in the register which is available to the system administrator along with the fiscal reports. The remote monitoring system allows to fix quickly all emerging issues (e.g. lack of paper in the printer of checks) and eliminate them.

The cash mashines are with opened interface therefore they can be integrated almost with any external system, where the payment acceptance is acquired. In this case the FidPark server is used only for a service and distance diagnostics.   

Data exchange with the FidPark server carries out via LAN, cash machines operate in on-line mode. There is also a version for the WAN where the local FidPark server 
is installed in each machine and data are continuously replicated with the main FidPark server.

Paystation FP-KA700/710
Pay station FP-KA700 accepts payments with credit cards, coins and banknotes of different currencies, also issues change by all accepted coin nominals and by banknotes (option). The machine allows to to pay for services, to top-up client account balance, to obtain information in kiosk mode. Reconfiguration (for example, adding or removing the bar code reader) will result just to partial front panel replacement and is quite economical.

The front panel of the paystation contains:
  •      POS-terminal (card reader, PIN-code keypad, display);
  •      contactless proximity card reader for reading subscription and deposit cards;
  •      barcode scanner;
  •      touch-screen display;
  •      coins and banknotes acceptors;
  •      receipt printer;
  •      compartment for change coins and receipts;
  •      VOIP-intercom.
Additional FP-KA700 options are available for special applications: 
  • a banknote recycler to accept payments and give the change in banknotes;
  • a built in client face videoregistration; 
  • a voice guidance on VOIP-intercom station;
  • a user-friendly interface for ANPR-based payments.
Main technical data of cash machine FP-KA700:

Cold-rolled steel cabinet. 
Dimensions: 1700 * 700 * 450 mm (H*W*D)
Coin acceptor 0.01-2€ with hopper and safe:
Coin hopper capacity – ab. 1500*1€
Coin safe capacity - ab. 3000 *1€
Change nominations 0.02 - 2, option - 0.01-2

Banknotes acceptor:
Accepted banknotes dimensions – (60-85 mm) * (155-170 mm)
Cashbox size – 500 or 1000 notes

Banknote Payout (KA510 only):
Recycler Capacity Up to 70 mixed notes
Cashbox size—500 or 1000 notes
Can store all denominations from a given currency

Kiosk FP-KA300
FP-KA300 is a kiosk for FidPark-Club system with the following features:
  • One-time payment with bankcards for services
  • Making a photo and printing of RFID subscription card
  • Printing of a one-time 2D barcoded paper ticket
The clients may use any combination of enrollment procedures on the kiosk and on PC or Smartphone.

The kiosk is connected to FidPark server, payment and SMS providers, and allows to minimise human resources for running fitness and other club-based business.

Parking meter with POS bank terminal FP-KA-11
Time of parking, an appropriate amount, payment status are displayed on the screen of the parking meter FP-KA-11. Using three control buttons, the client can change and confirm the amount of selected payment. After a successful transaction with the bank card, the client gets a ticket-check, otherwise the he/she receives a ticket with the information about a transaction refusal.

Technical characteristics:
  • initial value and payment steps are set in the system configuration;
  • thermal printer for tickets/receipts 30-80 mm length;
  • number of receipts in the terminal - no less than 4 000;
  • X- and Z- report generating;
  • terminal display for notifications and instructions;
  • opportunity to change the language;
  • built-in UPS (uninterruptible power supply );
  • outdoor design, temperature range - -20⁰С - +40⁰С;
  • standard color - grey DB703;
  • monitoring and remote diagnostics are provided via WEB-interface.

Options not included in a standard complectation:

  • a VOIP Intercom for communication with the operator;
  • a built-in videocamera;
  • custom housing colors.
Paystation FP-KA15
Paystation FP-KA15 is intended for credit card payments, which eliminates all the problems related with cash - encashment, change money, security requirements, counterfeiting. The cost of this machine is significantly less comparing to cash paystations.

The front panel of this paystation contains:
  •      POS-terminal (card reader, PIN-code keypad, display with touchscreen);
  •      contactless proximity reader for reading subscription and deposit cards;
  •      7" display;
  •      receipt printer;
  •      VOIP-intercom (option).
The paystation allows the customers to pay for the services received, to replenishing the stored value account, to receive information.

The FP-KA15 model, unlike the previous parking meter, has a color screen 15" which is more user-friendly and allows you to show ads and other announcements, to use it as an information kiosk. Other features remain the same.
Automatic Cashier FP-KA-570

The Automatic Cashier FP-KA-570 is intended for payment for goods/services by cash or bank cards.

The invoices are identified via barcodes, RFID or other technologies. The machine could be integrated to almost any warehouse system like self-service shops. When a customer scans the invoice identifier, the deal amount is displayed on the screen. After the payment confirmation is registered in a system, the customer could pick-up the appropriate goods/services. The customers may also use their loyalty/discount cards, get discounts and use the device as a information kiosk.

The automatic cashier ensures the acceptation of coins (from 0,01 €) and banknotes (up to 500 €), as well as change issue with same nominations. Moreover, the machine doesn't require any additional containers for coins or banknotes refilling. The cashier is equipped with 2D barcode scanner, contactless RFID-reader, receipt printer, touch-screen display and VOIP intercom.

The FidPark remote monitoring and diagnosticts ensure prompt resolution of most problems with customers. The double protection of cashboxes for coins and banknotes guarantees cash safety during all operations related with opening the automatic cashier.

Cash collector FP-KA-760
The cash collect machine FP-KA-760 is designed for prompt cash collecting e.g. from cashiers or public transport drivers, and is equipped with a hopper to fill up the coins of all denominations (starting from 1 cent). Upon completion of automatic money counting, the receipt is issued. Fidpark server provides continuous control and real-time monitoring.  The machine provides also banknote changing to predefined coin combinations, can be used as a self-service kiosk.

Customer identification is carried out by their existing RFID-pass, fingerprint or other ID.

Main specifications of FP-KA-760:
  • coin nominations - up to 11, count speed - 12 coins/s;
  • hopper volume - approx. 1500 coins 1€;
  • coin safe volume - approx. 3000 coins 1€;
  • max. banknote nomination (standart version) - 50 €;
  • banknote cassette volume - 500 or 1000 notes;
  • built-in camera and IP-speakerphone/voice-messages;
  • unit dimensions: 170*70*45 cm (H*W*D), weight 190-200 kg.