Since all objects running FidPark are the generators of profit, every system failure even for a short time period causes significant direct and indirect financial losses and casts the slur the reputation of entire facility.

To ensure failures-free FidPark functioning there is continuous monitoring of all hardware and software system components with events logging.

All system events are divided to three groups - Information, Warning and Alarm. Information about all important events that may affect the system stability is displayed in FP-Guardian application as well as are sent to the technicians as e-mail/SMS. In some particular logs all system events are stored for the software developers.

Implemented solutions will significantly increase the reliability and maintainability of the system, reduce the need of technical personnel presence at the facility and ensure quick solutions of all issues related to both hardware and software system parts accordingly to ITIL.
Maintenance of the system is carried out either directly by us or by partners network accordingly to different levels of service agreements.