The following Workplace software applications are intended to manage the system by staff and administration. Each application functionality matches to a particular personnel role:
  • FP-Admin - - workplace for the system administrator who has rights to set tariffs, to create and to prolong subscriptions and staff passes, to generate reports and to change the system configuration.
  • FP-Cashier - workplace for the operator- cashier who has right to accept payments, to sell subscriptions, to solve problems with customers.
  • FP-Guard – workplace for guard is intended for monitoring of system nodes current statuses, allowing to solve emerging problems quickly - for example, to open a barrier / turnstile remotely, to explain problems to customers. It can be used in conjunction with VOIP-telephony.
  • FP-Discount - an option which allows registered users (e.g. tenants of a business center) to discount one-time tickets or to provide discounts for services for their clients via WEB.
  • FP-ExtndReport - an option for creating parking system reports, including historical data about the number of cars at the parking lots and its parking durations, as well as planning free parking spaces reserved in advance.